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I have exercised with Shannon on and off over the past 2-3 years I started with PT sessions but they weren’t for me personally so I asked Shannon to run with me and start a plan to get me running. The first time I ran I will never forget it was awful I didn’t think I could do it but I stuck at it with Shannon’s help and guidance. Lockdown hit not long after we started and we carried on running it was a life saver for me. When I hit 5k it felt like such a huge achievement, then I hit 10k and now we run these distances with ease. Shannon has given me the confidence to go out and run on my own and recently I have ran 12k and signed up to run a half marathon. Shannon has helped me in more ways than one not just physically which I think is clear to see from my pictures but mentally too she has given me confidence and driven me to achieve more than I thought possible!!


    Manchester based

    Mobile: 07897001502